Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance for Enhanced Monitoring

Comprehensive video security that provides intelligent, flexible cloud-native and on-premise solutions. Our video management systems can integrate your cameras, access and analytics through an easy-to-use platform for smarter and more efficient management of your sites. With AI-powered video search you can find what you’re looking for faster, reducing investigation time from days to minutes. Know what’s happening across your site with real-time alerts of potentially critical events so you can review and respond quickly.

Video analytics can perform various tasks

Object detection and tracking

It can recognize and track specific objects or individuals within the video, allowing for advanced monitoring and alerting capabilities. This can help in identifying suspicious behavior or unauthorized access.

Facial recognition

Video analytics can identify and recognize specific individuals by analyzing facial features, allowing for access control or assisting in investigations.

Behavior analysis

It can analyze human behavior patterns, such as crowd behavior, movement patterns, or abnormal activities, to detect potential threats or unusual activities.

Perimeter protection

Video analytics can create virtual boundaries or fences around a specific area, and it can detect any breach or intrusion, triggering an alarm or alert.

Traffic and parking management

By analyzing real-time video feeds, video analytics can monitor traffic flow, detect traffic violations, and manage parking spaces efficiently.

Heat mapping

It can generate heat maps based on the density.


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At Aurora Integrations, we offer a range of cutting-edge security solutions to protect your business and valuable assets. Our services include security integration, video surveillance, and environmental monitoring systems.

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